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April 2015



These PDF files have been formatted for printing on A4 sized paper.

Layout has been optimised for print settings of 100% zoom, with the “auto-rotate and center pages” option enabled.

The files given here are for various sets of training notes which have been created over a period of many years for the purposes of training and personal development of first aid and ambulance aid volunteers.

These notes have been compiled from a variety of sources, and whilst they are generally considered as up-to-date, they may not always represent current protocols.

No authority in terms of approved practice is conveyed or inferred in these notes, which are provided for information purposes only.

First Aid, Ambulance Aid,
and related skills
Chest injuries
Dealing with patients
Electric shock
Extremes of temperature
Pulse oximetry
Sickle cell anaemia
Wounds, bleeding, and shock
more to come…..

Anatomy and Physiology for first aiders and first responders

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