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Neil PielouNeil Pielou trained and qualified in electrical engineering at Imperial College in London.

Whilst at the college, he joined the British Red Cross as a first aid volunteer. In over 35 years as a Red Cross volunteer, Neil has served as a first aider, as an emergency ambulance attendant and driver, and as a first aid trainer and accredited lecturer.


I am most grateful to the following people for their assistance in the production of this book:

The trainers from the NHS ambulance services, who give their time to teach enhanced first aid skills to Red Cross volunteers, and who provided the initial inspiration for this work,

Roger Serpell, and the members of Red Cross group L202 (‘Imperial College’), for their support and encouragement in the creation of the first version,

Mike Reid, and the members at the former Hammersmith & Fulham Red Cross centre, London, for their support and encouragement in the creation of this second version,

Sir Cameron Moffat KBE FRCS, Sir Peter Beale KBE FRCP, and Gwyn Thomas for checking the original drafts, and all the others – both professional and voluntary – who helped along the way,

Mike Morrison, for providing web hosting for this on-line version,

Finally, to my wife Rosalind, for tolerating the long hours of study, writing, typing, and drawing, and for her support throughout the entire project.


January 1995, August 2005, April 2008, February 2015

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© Neil Pielou CEng BSc(Eng) MIET ACGI – This material may be reproduced for use in not-for-profit organisations only. Contact us for commercial use.

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Anatomy and Physiology for first aiders and first responders

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